Exercise Balls

Exercise balls are also known as Swiss Balls which are of approximately 36 to 85 centimeters. They are used to accommodate balancing exercises. They are constructed with soft elastic and in the beginning, are really tough to be used in the manner of balancing.

Exercise Ball

Here are some of the exercising balls and their specifications:

    Gaiam total body balance ball comes with a kit which makes it a complete deal. The ball is of high quality and anti-burst as well. The gaiam total body balance ball is about 75 cm which is the ideal and ultimate size. It comes with fitness DVDs; helping you to watch and perform. The ball comes in smaller sizes as well which means you’ve got a great deal.
    The tone fitness stability ball can be easily used for all fitness levels. The ball is 55 cm which is suitable for average height people. It is easy to be inflated using a hand pump and supports different kinds of fitness routines.
    The best part of SC Sports gym ball is that it comes with a free pump which means you can refill the gas whenever you want to. The size of the ball is about 65 cm and has proven to be a strong and perfect balancing ball. It is really comfortable to sit on and holds the air well which is the sign of great and satisfying quality.
    The two in one Sporttime ball is a therapy and exercise ball as well. It is able to support up to 300lbs and is perfect for home and classroom usage. They are much durable and easy to be inflate using an air compressor.

Exercise, balancing or Swiss balls are important for carrying out different fitness routines. The ball which holds the air well and comes with a good package should be bought without even thinking much. The balancing balls make the abdominal and back muscles stronger and make the exercises fun and powerful.